Recent Events

Joint Annual Meeting of the BHI and BHF Bristol Accelerator Award

Thursday 22nd February 2024, The Watershed, Bristol

We are delighted to have had another very successful meeting this year.  The event showcased the breadth of excellent cardiovascular research on-going in Bristol. There were presentations across basic science, translational and clinical research, and population health, including many presentations from PhD students and early career researchers.

Our plenary speaker, Dr Sarah Murray has a background in patient care and advocacy. She holds positions in various organizations related to cardiovascular health and surgery, including being Chair of the National PPI group for the BHF Clinical Research Collaborative based at Leicester University, demonstrating her commitment to putting patients at the forefront of medical research and innovation. In addition to her professional roles, Sarah has diverse interests, including beekeeping, fencing coaching, and falconry.

Charli Skinner, the Co-Founder of Soda, also featured, discussing inclusive research practices. Soda focuses on incorporating the insights and experiences of chronically ill, disabled, and neurodivergent individuals into the design of healthcare solutions. Charli’s personal lived-experiences and involvement in patient advocacy have driven the formation of Soda, which collaborates with various entities to promote accessible healthcare for all.

Professor Deborah Lawlor provided an update on the BHF accelerator award and we were pleased to welcome our Vice Chancellor , Evelyn Welch who attended the event once again this year and engaged with students to discuss their research projects.


Joint Annual Meeting Programme for download (pdf format)